We help you make products your customers will love

Netlife Research is a user-experience consultancy based in Oslo, Norway. We are dedicated to creating user-friendly solutions that our clients and their customers love.

Founded in 2000, we have more than 13 years of experience in the field of web usability, user experience, human-computer interaction and graphic design.

We have done usability testing with more than 5000 users over the past 13 years, and have created everything from traditional websites, intranets to mobile applications, and have enhanced large-scale archiving solutions.

At our office we have two eyetracking testlabs with observation rooms as well as a free-for-all devicelab. (Thank you, google translate!)

Currently, we are 50 employees, each with a passion for usability. Our clients range from large corporations to small start-ups, covering all industries. Our clients are mainly located in Scandinavia, but we have run workshops in Dubai and held lectures in China.

Conferences, events and workshops

Webdagene is a three-day conference covering topics such as design, prototyping, content, user research, information architecture, usability testing, mobile platforms and more. The conference is a combination of inspirational talks from international headliners and more in-depth workshops and sessions on various topics.

Intralife is a two-day conference held in May, dealing specifically with intranets. It combines in-depth workshops with case studies and talks on various topics such as intranet planning, structure, governance and more.

We also run a number of in-depth workshops separately, either open or tailored to specific businesses and organizations.

Please drop us a line if you’d like to know more.